Facing the new century, Jaros put innovation as the concept of survival and development, aims to make the greatest use of resource efficiency and human potential, and to perfect the combination among people and material. All this together with China's outstanding traditional culture constitute the corporate culture of Jaros, and become the core of power and a fundamental guarantee of vitality and youth.
Cultural roots are a must of the development of enterprise .Practice has proved that only China's outstanding traditional culture can be the cornerstone of our development. A person without culture is shallow, just as a corporate will have no vitality without cultural .Thick and solemn, profound and wide traditional culture make Jaros long and prosperous.
cultural concept:
Concept of development: we offer health in our lives, we have a healthy life, Share healthy life together.
The mission of development: scientific and technological innovation embodies the ultimate value of life.
Development Goals: become the industry’s most successful and admired companies.
Slogan: Making scientific and technological strength to create an international brand;Protect natural ecology and make leading contribution of the area
Values: creativity, dedication, sharing
Business philosophy: extraordinary achievements come from the relentless pursuit of quality
Enterprise slogan: Outstanding creates eminence
                               Good service creates superior value
Quality slogan: precision-guided full scale service
Talent: ability and integrity create harmonious success
Cultural essence: the product intentions, customer caring, social responsibility, employees-concerned. Have gratitude for what we obtained to make sustainable management
the quality of reprimand
Beliefs - To be invincible, we must have a strong faith, that is, only causes which are beneficial to the community and the public will have bright future.
Innovation - " create something new and original " has always been our pursuit , "new" and "change" is the content of Jaros, only with pursuit of new changes can an enterprise have continual development.
Responsibility - To learn to be responsible, this is a big problem. Some kinds of problems occurred in our work and cause caused by irresponsible attitude. All staff should have enhanced sense of responsibility to avoid mistakes and unnecessary losses.
Integrity - honesty is very important, which is the basis for human interaction. Do what you promised and try your best to have fruits. In an increasingly competitive today, only in an honest environment, things will be performed under the burden.
Identity ? Our goal is to create an international brand. So, we should unify our thinking, unify our understandings, and unify our acts, which is an indispensable prerequisite for a successful career.
Co-operation - No matter what we do, doing it alone will not work. Cooperation is necessary. A man who have no concern about cooperation, who can not understanding the meaning of cooperation, who can not grasp the skill of cooperation will not become the master.

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